Rehabilitation, physical medicine and manual therapy


A brief history

The Department of Medical rehabilitation, physical medicine and manual therapy” was founded in 2008 through the efforts of PhD, professor, Agafia Moraru, that graduated the Institute of Medicine of Chisinau in 1974, supporting the thesis of doctor of medicine in Moscow in 1988 under the leadership of Professor Tudor Prisacari, and PhD thesis in medicine in 2005 in Chisinau. In common with other specialists from the Ministry of Health, in 1991, she organizes the service of rehabilitation and specialists training in this area, at the department of Reflexology and Medical Rehabilitation” (now “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”) of the Medical University “Nicolae Testemitanu” where and activates between 1991 and 2008.


In September 2008, on the order of the university rector, founded and became head of the course “Medical rehabilitation, physical medicine, manual therapy”. During activity is author and co-author of over 130 scientific papers, including 5 monographs and 5 patents. As the leading specialist in Moldova in medical rehabilitation contributed to the development and approval of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova on 25 May 2011 “On the organization of medical rehabilitation and physical medicine in the Republic of Moldova. He is the founder of the specialties: “Physical therapy”, “Manual therapy” and “Medical Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine” with postgraduate training of specialists in the areas cited by courses at the Faculty of Continuing Education of Physicians and Pharmacists, residency, fellowship, and by Doctorate.


Based on the order of the rector from 06/15/2015 the Course “Medical rehabilitation, physical medicine and manual therapy” was reorganized into the Department “Medical rehabilitation, physical medicine and manual therapy.” In the autumn of 2015 as head of the department is designated PhD, professor, Oleg Pascal.


At the moment Department of Medical Rehabilitation, physical medicine and manual therapy is under Faculty Medicine No.2. Its teaching work is based on preparing groups of graduate students, medical residents year I, II, III, VI year groups of students from Medicine and Public Health faculties, and fourth year students from Dentistry Faculty.